Our CD is available for purchase at the following locations -

Thera-Horse Solutions
1003 Celandine Drive
Apex NC 27502

Artfx Gallery
3 Church Circle
Annapolis MD 21401

The Artist Gallery
239 High Street
Chestertown MD,21620

Twigs & Teacups
111 S.Cross St Chestertown MD 21620

Kingstown Farm Home and Garden Center
7121 Church Hill Road
Chestertown MD 21620

Rainbow Resource Center (Coming in June!)
Toll free 888-841-3456

CD Baby


Please contact us, we'd be happy to answer any questions!

Phone: 410.648.5511

Email: info@whoabuddyproductions.com.

At Whoa Buddy Productions we believe that whether you ride, drive, or just admire them from afar, equines (long and short eared), were put here on earth for everyone to enjoy! Our hope is that our products will touch your spirit and bring a little sunshine to your day.  

God bless you all.








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