Rebecca Pitre: Take a Ride

Rebecca Pitre: Gadsden (Don

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Whoa Buddy Productions is proud to introduce,

A fun, educational, bluegrass inspired collection of original songs written by Rebecca Pitre for horse lovers of all ages.

Rebecca Pitre uses her musical talents to combine her love of horses with her enthusiasm for education. As a NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association) certified instructor and US Trotting Association licensed trainer, she has written and performed a wonderful collection of original songs that highlight the basics that every horse lover should know. These clever and fun songs are sure to have you smiling!

"I'm gonna sit in the saddle and take a ride,
The stirrups hang down on the sides.
I scoot my seat and say, 'walk on',
The girth is what keeps the saddle on."

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